The HandSafe™ is a tool used to insert a small amount of pyrotechnic non-lethal chemical agent to an enclosed area diminishing the probability of fire. The HandSafe™ is small enough to be taken into a structure by the entry team for those times that an interior space needs additional agent. A carry pouch is available for entry teams to carry the HandSafe™.

The HandSafe™ is heavy enough at 5 pounds to penetrate some windows for applications from outside a structure. A d-ring attachment is on the base of the HandSafe™ so that if needed 550 cord can be attached for retrieval.

A small “cookie” needs to be placed in the HandSafe™ before deployment. The steel cookie catches heat and flame while allowing the agent to be released. The HandSafe™ will accommodate a pocket tactical grenade or similar type non-lethal chemical agent device. A new cookie should be used each time a pocket tactical grenade is used.

WARNING: Do not use older CTS pocket grenades with a plastic fuse coupler. They will melt and cause you to clean the melted plastic before the HandSafe is reused.

Features include:

  • A 10 year warranty on the body and cap
  • Body and cap are made with the same steel as the GasRam.
  • Replaceable flame cookies
  • D-ring attachment for retrieval
  • Small enough to carry in cargo pocket or HandSafe pouch (optional)
  • Heavy enough to penetrate single pane windows



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Only Personnel trained in the use of Non-lethal chemical agents and in the use of the GasRam should be involved in deployment.

HandSafe $250.00 Plus Handling and shipping of $20.00
Flame Cookie (pack of 5) $25.00 Plus Handling and Shipping $5.00

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