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This excel spreadsheet will allow the user to determine a lethal concentration time when using chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS) non-lethal chemical agent inside a structure. The formulas are based on a government study using animals and soldiers to determine the amount of agent that will likely kill 50% of the people in a closed sealed room using the amount of agent and time as a factor.

This easy to use spread sheet requires the user to enter the length, height and width of a building along with how much agent was put in the room. If you want to determine the amount of the agent you can safely use in a building the spreadsheet will tell you the lethal concentration time after one simple numeric entry by the user. You can also determine how much agent to use for any LCT you want to establish.

Every team leader responsible for the delivery of chemical agents should have this easy to use spreadsheet.

LCT excel formula


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