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This handbook contains basic information about chemical agents, delivery systems, chemical agent devices gas masks, decontamination, legal issues, policy and procedures, teaching methodology and hundreds of other pieces of information that cannot all be learned in one forty-hour course. It is intended to be used as a reference book and an instructional guide for officers who are tasked with instructing chemical agents at their respective agencies.
The handbook is divided up into seven chapters that offer information about chemical agents in a progressive, easy-to-follow methodology. We spend quite a bit of time with safety guidelines and the importance of keeping safety at the forefront of your approach to instructing non-lethal chemical agents. Chapter 1 ends with a comprehensive condensed history of chemical agents that you will find informative and interesting.

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The Manual is available printed in a black and white and spiral bound or you can purchase the manual on a CD in full color with some helpful internet links in the back. The CD will allow you to cut and paste information from the manual for your teaching needs. You can print any area of the manual as your needs require. The manual can also be purchased as a PDF file. It has none of the extras but can be opened using Adobe PDF reader. All can be purchased by using PayPal or contact Captain Cole via E-mail or telephone.

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Instructor Manual

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