X-10SW - Hand Held Device


The X-1OSW provides the ability to utilize X-1OC Chemical Cylinder with a hand-held sprayer. The X-1OSW sprayer has a pressure washer gun-grip handle with replaceable nozzle spray tip. The gun grip handle is furnished with a one-piece high pressure hose and fittings to match X- 1OC Chemical Cylinder. High pressure swivel fittings allow easy wand movement and either right- or left-hand operation. All X-1OC safety features are retained. There is only one releasable connector that attaches to the X- 1OC Chemical Cylinder. The X-1OSW includes a safety chain to retain the high pressure hose should the connector become disconnected under pressure. The X-1OC Chemical Cylinder can be conveniently carried in washable backpack carrier. The X-1OC is easily removed from the carrier for refilling.

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Includes wand with hose and connectors with one tip and back pack carrying case. To be used only with the X-10C (1 liter) or X-10D (2 litres) chemical cyclinders.
Quanity Pricing
1-5 $325.00
6-10 $308.75
11+ $293.30
  • Gun-grip handle
  • Replaceable nozzle tip
  • High pressure hose
  • Washable backpack

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