X-10 OC Extension Device

The X-10 was originally conceived as a safe and useful tool used during cell extractions. After more than three years’ field operations, the X-1O has been improved to incorporate the features requested by correctional officers. At times inmates may become belligerent and barricade themselves in a cell. A barricade typically consists of mattresses, clothing, and any other material available forced against the cell door so that officers cannot see the inmate or enter the cell. Under these circumstances, it becomes very dangerous for one or more officers to try entering the cell.

The X-1O allows officers to safely push back the barricades and introduce an Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) (Pepper Spray) fog into the cell. The Pepper Spray helps subdue the belligerent inmate, allowing the officers to enter the cell without further incident or injury. The Pepper Spray fog is an evaporated solution of powerful floating-in-air OC particles that will affect inmates regardless of their position in a cell. Holding your breath and/or covering your eyes will provide very little protection from this fog.

The X-1O is designed for operation by two or three officers. Two officers place the X-1O probe and push the barricade away from the doorway. The food port plate limits probe extension in the cell. The blunt probe tip eliminates the possibility of physical injury to inmates or staff. One of the officers, or a third officer, activates the control lever introducing the OC fog. The amount of OC fog released is controlled by the officer. The officers may want to wear gas masks. Each cylinder is capable of approximately 8 one-second bursts. The fog, forced by a high pressure C02 gas, passes to the end of the X-1O probe and is expelled forward through angled vent holes.

The X-1O weighs approximately 28.5 pounds, including a full Pepper Spray cylinder. The weight is balanced and large handles provided for easy use by either two or three officers. The X-1O is manufactured from heavy gauge aluminum with a powder coat finish to give many years of satisfactory service. The cylinder cradle is specially designed to provide protection in case the X-1O must be dropped in an emergency. The Pepper Spray cylinder is easily replaced through a quick release coupling.

True non-lethal pepper spray ejector

Cone shaped spray pattern

Safe, easy operation

Useful aid for cell extractions





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