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The CDC estimates that 62 to 88 percent of sharps injuries can potentially be prevented by the use of safer medical devices. Needlestick injuries and other sharps-related injuries, that result in occupational bloodborne pathogens exposure, continue to be an important public health concern.

In response to this situation, Congress passed the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act that became law on November 6, 2000. To meet the requirements of this act OSHA has revised its Bloodborne Pathogen Standard

The NeedleTrap is A small cylinder shaped device for the purpose of securing needles, tattoo guns and other needle like items for safe transportation and quick storage. The trap is small enough to be able to be carried in quantity and big enough to give the most protection when applying the device to a “sharp” (the pointed end of a needle, ice pick, shank, etc.)

            Sheath: The sheath is made of a polymer plastic material that will not allow the “sharp” to puncture through it when it is being applied. The sheath has a lip formed at the top of the capsule that will act as a protective barrier against accidental needle sticks but also give leverage to insert the needle into the device. The side of the capsule will be roughened to give the user a better grip on the capsule. Collapsible wings will drop into the capsule to secure the needle in place. A drop of glue will be on the wing to ensure bonding and securing of the needle.

            The sheath is lined with a Kevlar puncture resistant material to further protect the user from an accidental puncture. The sheath will be colored brightly to alert other persons handling the sheath that it is a potentially dangerous item.

            Core: The core is made of a dense material that will accept the sharp point of a needle and then close around that point and hold it in place. The core is a  non absorbent gum compound.

            The base of the core has an adhesive material to further hold the needle into the protective cover.




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